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Wireless Power consortium

The Wireless Power Consortium has developed a technology for charging mobile phones that  doesn’t require connectors or wires. This technology, called “Qi” is used in mobile phones by many different brands such as, for example, Samsung, LG, Nokia, and Motorola.

The chargers that use the Qi technology must be certified to make sure that they are safe, just as any other charging technology. Almost all manufacturers of Qi chargers have their products certified, but some manufacturers avoid the cost of testing and bring products to market that have not been certified.

For consumers it is difficult to distinguish certified and uncertified products. That’s why the Wireless Power Consortium needs the help of the retail distribution channels to keep consumers safe. The professional buyers and category managers understand the safety risks of mobile phone chargers and they have the capability to verify the that the products they sell are safe.

Nieulande Solutions connected us with the top European electronics retailers and arranged face to face meetings with the responsible category managers. The result is a strong partnership that keeps consumers safe, and lowers the risks for these retailers.

Menno Treffers, chairman of the Wireless Power Consortium: “We would not have been able to reach the right persons without Eugene van Nieulande. He set up meetings quickly and created the right expectations for the meeting. We asked him to join the most important meetings. That made it easy to explain our message, and establish a mutually beneficial cooperation with the major consumer electronics retailers in Europe.”


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Office +33 4 94 74 66 59
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