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What we do ?

Goal to maximise your revenue

Nieulande Solutions offers unique services to support innovative companies from the ground up with the goal to maximise their revenues. We achieve it all through our global network and expertise of business development and track record with key national and global leaders.


Boosting your business development

Unique Patent Licensing Program

Market education program

Unique Commercial Intellectual Property strategy tools

Building a (Global) distribution network

Maximise your revenue with special tools

Your Connection to corporate companies

Turning Ideas into Opportunities & Results

Bring your innovative products and technologies to the market with us

Property Scouting and Mediation


For SMEs

Business Growth

We can offer special services for your business growth

  • Scouting for Corporate companies : Nieulande Solutions offers a unique scouting service whereby we will go through your innovations & portfolio. The next step can be an introduction to several well-known corporate companies.
  • Network : With a network in main markets, Nieulande Solutions helps you to find prospective clients or partners through its robust network built over 20+ year experience in key industries with leading players and distributors.
  • Agreements : We will find the most suitable partners for you with the goal to realize orders and to generate sustainable business growth.
Unique licensing program

Market Education Program

This is a unique support to patent licensing programs and/or to patent owners that do not want to license their patents and only use their patents to distribute exclusively their products in the market.

By explaining & demonstrating the market how to recognize unlicensed products this supports leads to excellent results like :

  • Network: Creation of a very important network of market players (Retailers, traders, manufacturers)
  • Infringing products : substantial decrease of infringing patents of the products
  • Royalties : Since we request licensee’s customers (key market players) to demand proof of licensed products the royalty income will increase automatically
  • Cost saving : cooperation of the market to avoid (threat) litigations

Note: This program has been already used successfully by several well-known corporate companies in the consumer electronic industry. It is also applicable for other distribution channels.


For Medium sized companies & Corporates


I worked with Eugene during my many years as Senior VP in Philips and as Executive VP in One-Red. Eugene is an enthusiastic professional; he is a very energetic, positive, inspiring and well-rounded guy which he combines with a high level of integrity, well developed social skills and a strong drive for the best possible results. Eugene is a great team player, sympathetic, honest and has an authentic personality with strong networking skills; furthermore he has a tremendous drive to continue to increase his performance. He proved to be an absolute asset in securing royalty revenues. Above all Eugene has a huge talent in creating and getting new business opportunities. It was really a great experience to have him working with me.- Ben G.J. Beune – Chief Licensing Officer and Executive Vice President of SISVEL Group
Nous avons pu apprécier le sens du service de Nieulande Solutions (NS) et particulièrement leur facilité à nous permettre d’accéder à des opportunités favorables pour TRAXENS. Sans aucun doute, nous referons appel à eux à l’avenir pour les insérer dans notre chaine de création de valeurs.- Hanane BECHA - Product devinition IP & Standards manager
Since last year, I am working with Nieulande Solutions (NS) as Chairman-CEO of MARINE TECH. NS is our European Agent and acting in a very efficient & professional manner in for them an unknown market. They do show a tremendous drive to reach the best possible results. The Team is great, sympathetic, honest and presenting strong networking skills. It seems they are absolute talents in getting new business opportunities.- Thierry CARLIN - Chairman CEO

Who we are ?

Nieulande Solutions is a consultancy firm which provides the market with unique services, including in the field of IP (Intellectual Property) . Nieulande Solutions services are special mainly in terms of expertise of business development and track record with key global leaders. Thanks to a robust network built over 20+ year experience in main markets, NS can help you find prospective clients in key industries with leading players and distributors.

  • “Nieulande Solutions” is the great help in developing your business
  • Building great businesses with preferably existing IP portfolio for Micro (Startups), SMEs, incubators and corporate companies from the ground up, by using incomparable Tools.

Marketing & Sales assistant


Marketing Manager



How we work ?

  • Consulting
  • Audit
  • Education/skills transfer
  • Coaching
  • Implementation
  • Short term support
  • Long term support
  • Key- Account management
  • Sales support

Eugene van Nieulande


Eugene’s experience and passion for new business development has delivered him very successful results in well-known companies like: PHILIPS, MARS, ONE-RED, IRIS OHYAMA …during the past 20 years.
One of his strengths is connecting people & creating new networks.
He is a very practical person whereby he is able to put a concept direct in action and results.
His energy, excellent market reputation, hard work, humor & Networking talent makes him very special in the Industry. He is always curious and interested for new innovations, new opportunities in any business sector. With his tremendous drive to win he will take each opportunity to deliver your company what you are asking for.
By finding logical ways of doing it faster & better is our key to success.

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